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Community Update: 14th Nov - 25th Nov

Callum Moates ⋅

TL;DR: Welcome web3 Community! This article recaps what happened inside the LandVault ecosystem during the past two weeks! 

We joined Planet Rift, an awesome Play 2 Earn MMORPG for a Twitter Space.

The conversation surrounded everything related to the metaverse and web3!

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Our CEO Sam Huber joined Evan Luthra, Florin Otto, and Roxana Pistolea for an epic conversation at humans.ai's NFT London After Party.

The discussion mostly surrounded NFTs and how utility is important now more than ever.

Our Head of Growth Mark Manginelli will be at Metaverse Miami later this month leading a panel on the Rug Radio stage.

You can attend IRL or use your Genesis Pass to attend virtually via Spatial.

After building 200+ metaverse experiences and counting, we don't call ourselves the biggest builders in the metaverse for nothing.

Over our time building these A1 activations for brands, we've learned a thing or two.

Our latest blog piece shares insight into the problems we face, the learnings, and how we overcome them.

We're stoked to announce our partnership with Chainlink Labs to accelerate the growth of Web3 metaverse experiences.

Through this partnership, Chainlink are supercharging our world-class metaverse building and consulting services with their industry-standard oracle solutions to onboard a new generation of businesses, projects, startups, and visionaries to Web3 metaverse platforms.

Read the full announcement here.

We're proud to announce our partnership with Decentral Games to provide a more user-friendly gaming experience and elevate brand exposure.

As the metaverse continues to gain traction, so does the requirement for monetization options for creators and companies.

Using our In-Play technology, ads are now non-intrusively placed into the Decentral Games experience within Somnium Space.

This not only allows Decentral Games to monetize their experience, but it also allows brands to gain wider reach within the metaverse through those ad placements.

Read the full partnership announcement here.

Our CEO Sam Huber and Head of Ecosystem Partnerships Alex Capezza joined The Sandbox and their Co-Founder Sebastien Borget for a dope Twitter Space!

The discussion surrounded building in the metaverse and bringing brands to web3.

Listen to the Space here.

Aaaaaand last but certainly not least, today we also released our first update for the LandVault Platform.

The Platform helps metaverse stakeholders gain insights and analysis on potential metaverse activations and investment opportunities.

LandVault Platform v1.2 is an overall improvement to the initial product release that aims to increase the current scope of use cases for land owners and brands looking to either gain additional insight on the space or enter the space for the first time.

You can read the announcement here.

That's all for now, but make sure to check in next week to see what LandVault has been up to!

You can also keep an eye on our socials by clicking the links in our footer 👇

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