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LandVault Partners With Decentral Games To Elevate Brand Exposure

Callum Moates ⋅

We're proud to announce our partnership with Decentral Games, a leader in the decentralized gaming space, to provide a more user-friendly gaming experience.

"Shortly after identifying the need, we formed a strategic partnership to bring users into the metaverse with an additional layer of entertainment. We will integrate our In-Play technology into their gaming experience in Decentraland, adding to our extensive existing portfolio. Together with Decentral Games, we look forward to offering an unparalleled gaming experience within the decentralizing virtual world," said Sam Huber, CEO of LandVault.

The metaverse is the next step in our digital transformation, a virtual world where shopping, entertainment, and communication converge. Both LandVault and Decentral Games recognize this potential. We offer services to help businesses navigate and thrive in this new realm, by providing a one-stop solution for entering the metaverse. Decentral Games was one of the first GameFi projects to launch in the metaverse, has amassed a significant following and become one of the most popular destinations within the virtual world, consistently drawing in up to 60% of all Decentraland visitors. In the past few months, Decentral Games has been leading the charge in building a sustainable model for growth that other blockchain games can follow. The focus has been placed on getting ecosystem participants on an accelerated path to asset ownership as opposed to a quick dopamine hit of rewards that can’t be sustained. Being able to offer a better experience by integrating our technology makes Decentral Games’ offering even more compelling. 

As the virtual world, or metaverse, continues to gain traction amongst consumers and enthusiasts, so does the requirement for monetization options for creators and companies. Our In-Play technology caters to both the brand, and the user, with ads seamlessly integrated into experiences within the metaverse, providing creators with potential revenue streams while maintaining the worlds’ immersive nature. Decentral Games’ players have the opportunity to earn in-game assets, and tokens and create real value through their gameplay, adding to the level of engagement. Together, the duo brings valuable technologies within the industry including AI, safer user experience, and more. 

The opportunities are immense - investment bank Citi has estimated a market potential of over $13 trillion by 2030.  LandVault and Decentral Games are positioned at the forefront of this shift, helping brands, intellectual property holders, celebrities and gamers make their mark in the metaverse.

“Since launching our flagship game, ICE Poker, one year ago we’ve seen explosive growth in our playerbase and wider ecosystem. Partnering with LandVault to help bring the metaverse to the masses has been an incredible partnership so far, with several major brands already benefiting from the distribution we have inside Decentraland.” - Matthew Howells-Barby, CMO of Decentral Games.

About Decentral Games 

Decentral Games is a leading metaverse gaming company. They build games and social experiences in the metaverse that reach hundreds of thousands of visitors every month. Its flagship product, ICE Poker, accounts for more than 60% of all daily active users in Decentraland.

Website | Discord | Twitter | Instagram

About LandVault

LandVault is the largest real estate company in the metaverse. With a team of 120 architects, designers and developers, Landvault has built over 100 million square feet of metaverse real estate across platforms like Sandbox and Decentraland, for brands like Mastercard, L’Oreal, Heineken, as well as Web3 projects like World of Women, MAYC or AlienBoy. The company’s origin was in gaming formerly known as Admix - building technology for brands to enter games via product placements. Founded in 2018 by Sam Huber, Admix has raised $37m from top VCs and works with over 300 top brands such as McDonalds or Calvin Klein and helping them activate their brands inside games via product placements and provide an end-to-end solution to brands and IP entering the metaverse, from land rental to build and monetization.

Website |Discord |Twitter |LinkedIn |Youtube

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