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SC Ventures in The Sandbox | Metaverse Case Study

Standard Chartered and SC Ventures enter the metaverse with a gamified experience teaching users about digital assets and financial wellbeing in a fun and engaging way. LandVault built a monopoly inspired game layout to take users on a curated educational journey through a series of mini games and quests.

End-to-end solution

LandVault offered an end-to-end solution, which included conceptualizing, designing and building the Standard Chartered experience. Beyond the Standard Chartered structures, LandVault integrated four key partners as a part of this experience; CardsPal, Autumn, Hong Kong Marathon, and Arts in the Park.

The activation features best-in-class structures, including the Big Ben, Marina Bay Sands, International Finance Center in Hong Kong and Dubai-inspired buildings, as well as a vast range of gamified elements.

A fully branded experience

Standard Chartered is an international organisation operating in 70 markets and wanted their metaverse HQ to reflect that. On the inside of the buildings, we replicated hundreds of assets from their various branches, from office desks to vending machines, to keep brand authenticity to a maximum.

Build and structure

The design and layout of the experience reflected Standard Chartered’s global footprint in key markets from the UK to Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai. Each area had its own culturally relevant flair and nods to local customs and traditions that helped keep this exciting new experience relatable and identifiable.

Gaming Elements

Each of the games in the space used these diverse cultural foundations to establish authenticity and bring to to life engaging game mechanics like parkour, mazes and trivia, all themed around financial education. The games themselves are set into an overarching narrative that drives the user through the experience and encourages repeat engagement.

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Watch SC Ventures | Client Build Demo

What they say

“With this being our first foray into the Metaverse, we knew our initial build partner selection was pivotal to our learning and early success. After quite a bit of due diligence, we decided on working with LandVault and it has been a great decision. They have been with us every step of the way, helping us to develop our thinking and then executing efficiently on that vision.” - Dominic Maffei, Hong Kong Head at SC Ventures

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