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How LUSH started their decentralized journey

LUSH wanted to bring their 2023 SXSW house to life in an immersive virtual experience that expanded access to anyone who wanted to attend. LandVault built a gamified digital twin of the IRL space in Decentraland – complete with a dancefloor, quests, branded wearables, and hidden Bath Bombs.

End-to-end solution

LandVault offered an end-to-end solution, which included conceptualizing, designing, and building the LUSH house and experience. The project was built on a 2x2 parcel of land in Decentraland and featured various points of interest and activities. Users could request songs, show off their moves on the dancefloor or hunt for hidden Bath Bombs to earn an exclusive LUSH wearable for their avatar.

A fully branded experience

LUSH is a very progressive brand, so entering the metaverse just made sense for them. The decentralized aspect of Web3 and metaverse platforms like Decentraland matches up well with LUSH’s values around digital ethics, with both coming off major social media channels and recently taking a strong stance against big tech. Building an activation in Decentraland was the perfect marriage between the two.

We created branded wearables with inclusive messaging to cement their label within the space. We delivered relevant product information in the quests in a way that put the user experience first and fit naturally with the narrative. Their brand-new product, the Bath Bot speaker, was also featured in the activation as the virtual DJ on the dancefloor. All of these elements had a very positive reception from users, especially the wearables, which saw high engagement.

Gaming elements

The activation was full of gamification elements designed to keep the user engaged and immersed in the LUSH experience. 

There was a hidden Bath Bomb challenge where users had to hunt for hidden Bath Bombs scattered around the build. The bath bombs were strategically placed to lead the user on a tour of all the key areas in the space. Each Bath Bomb was also designed around an IRL scent and, when discovered, revealed something interesting about the unique aroma. Once the user collected all the Bath Bombs, they could claim an “All ARE WELCOME, ALWAYS” shirt wearable to flex the completion of the quest.

What they say

“Having the ability to reach a completely new audience by way of a decentralized metaverse is a huge step forward for LUSH. Through expanding the local reach of SXSW to a global reach, we hope to engage with our community in a much larger way, spreading our message of positivity and showing that everyone is welcome in LUSH’s web3 world. We thank LandVault for being there every step of the way in our journey, too." 

Adam Goswell - Tech R&D Manager

Explore the build yourself

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About LandVault

LandVault is the largest metaverse builder with over 100 million square feet of virtual real estate, more than 120 full-time creators, and nearly 300 completed projects. We’ve been helping brands build and grow in gaming environments since 2017 and the metaverse since 2021.  

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