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Hershey in Decentraland | Metaverse Case Study

Hershey entered the metaverse via the decentralized platform, Decentraland. Hershey India and the Phillipines wanted a new way to engage with their audience over the holidays and found the perfect way. LandVault built the gamified experience, full of branded items, quests, and secret perks.

An end-to-end solution

LandVault offered an end-to-end solution, which included conceptualizing, designing, and building the Hersheyverse experience. The project was built on a 2x2 parcel of land in Decentraland and featured various points of interest and activities; The giant kiss, shops, a social quest, and other gaming elements could be found in the Hersheyverse activation.

The HERSHEYVERSE experience

A fully branded experience

Hershey is a multinational chocolate manufacturer with global influence. Because of that, it wanted an innovative metaverse experience that still reflects its brand identity. The activation never swayed from the famous chocolate brand, whether it be the NPCs, shop items, or the social quest.

HERSHEYVERSE shopping experience

Build and structure

The activation was built on a 2x2 plot of land in Decentraland and showcased two of Hershey’s key markets in Asia - the Philippines and India. The experience was memorable, built on the universal language of chocolate. It allowed users to complete quests, learn about sweet holiday traditions, explore virtual shops, and even earn exclusive rewards by completing those quests.

Quest path around the HERSHEYVERSE

Gaming elements

The larger-than-life Hershey Kiss was a hub for users to explore. Along the spiral path to the top of the Kiss, there was an interactive quest to learn how different cultures celebrate the holidays with Hershey products. There was also a quest to claim the special wearable reward at the top. Upon reaching the top of the giant Kiss and completing the holiday quest, users could take a selfie and share it on their social media.

What they say

“As the way consumers interact with our brands continues to change, creating this experience is an opportunity to deepen our connection with Gen Z, and also bring the iconic Hershey’s experience directly into homes,” shared Alexia Wharton, Head of International Commercial Growth.

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