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Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week 2022 Case Study


Brands & Projects Involved


Attendees over 3 days of the festival


Conversion rate on digital items


Generated in rental and creative work

Fashion in the metaverse

The first Decentraland Fashion Week took place in March 2022 and was a collaboration between various building companies in Decentraland to celebrate fashion and culture with dozens of brands. LandVault was one of them, contributing to bring brands to the experience.

The experience was based in Decentraland's Vegas district, home to many entertainment venues, and included a row of shops that brands could get customized, a red carpet, a stage for live events and Q&A, as well as capabilities for phygital (physical and digital) sales.

The largest metaverse event yet

More than 60 fashion brands had an official presence at the event, creating the largest cultural moment around fashion in the metaverse yet. But the motivation for brands to be part of this activation went beyond the hype: they were all here to sell their products, in digital and physical form.

A focus on metaverse ecommerce

To that affect, brands were provided with an end to end solution to attract an audience, showcase virtual products and sell them directly in experience.

  • Branded shops: the experience included 20 shops that were rented and customised for brands with their colours, logos and products.

  • Live fashion shows: brands created wearable collections that were showcased to the audience via virtual fashion shows.

  • Phygital sales: wearables were purchasable as NFTs and physical items directly from the metaverse experience.


With over 300,000 attendees over the event, and a 70% conversion rate on digital items, the Fashion Week was a success. While not profitable for all brands, it was a landmark event that also provided intangible return on investment mainly via PR, with mainstream coverage across Vogue, Forbes and lifestyle press all over the globe.

"Thanks to the massive amounts of real-life hype generated by giving real-world fashion brands with metaverse FOMO a space to show their wearables, Decentraland put its map on the fashion map" Vogue UK

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