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Alien Boy: Alien Doogles

The Alien Doogles is the metaverse presence of The Alien Boy NFT crypto project. Alien Boy wanted to build a series of games that give utility to the original NFT and delivers fun to their community.

9,000,000 square feet of fun

LandVault conceptualised and built the largest standalone metaverse experience across 9,000,000 sq ft in NFT Worlds. The use of whimsical, bright, and bold clashes of color fosters a playful energy meant to encourage interaction and fun, and the experience also includes 10 mini games, all playable independently.

"The idea was to leverage the metaverse to bring added value to the AlienBoy community, and create not just an activation, but a new world that would take hours to explore. We wanted to give a reason for people to come back to the experience over time to discover new things, and unlock more value" Sam Huber, LandVault CEO

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