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Community Update: 17th Oct - 28th Oct

TL;DR: Welcome web3 Community! This article recaps what happened inside the LandVault ecosystem during the past two weeks! 

  • CNN interviewed our CEO Sam Huber for their latest series 'Decoded'.

CNN interviewed our CEO Sam Huber for their latest series, 'Decoded'🔥He explained virtual real estate and brand opportunities in this new space.

He was also interviewed by Khaleej Times.

"Though there is a lot of investment activity in the USA, Dubai is ahead when it comes to making it a government priority and developing a state-wide Metaverse offering"

Last but not least, he joined a Podcast with The Collective. A wide-ranging conversation about in-game advertising, metaverse applications, corporations adopting web3 tech & much more!

We joined a couple of Twitter Spaces during the past 2 Weeks! Here is a recap:

Twitter space with World of Women to discuss the "Galaxy" metaverse experience we built for them.

YouTube thumbnail

"The World of Women community proves that together we can positively impact the future through creativity and inspiring art but also through action. By releasing this experience into the Metaverse, we hope to engage with our community in new ways, to spread our message of positivity and equality, showing that people from all walks of life, shapes and sizes are welcome in Web3. We're thrilled with the outcome from this collaboration with LandVault" - said Yam Karkai, founder of WoW

Twitter Space w/ Over the Reality. We are part of the judge pool for OVER ARwards!

OVER augmented reality platform is providing content creators an opportunity not only to project their 3D experiences to the world but also to encourage competitiveness among creators to produce the best AR experiences. Basically, it's a contest rewarding design, creativity, and theme relevance AR experiences by content creators. It's your opportunity to get visibility over your work and also win prizes in OVR tokens.

The future of Football? We covered that in a Twitter Space w/ Footium!

  • Fan tokens

  • How crypto sponsorships invaded Football and fan sentiment

  • Football in the Metaverse and opportunities

Twitter Space w/ Agoraverse to talk about the Metaverse economy.

  • The Metaverse Today vs. Future

  • Why big brands are joining the Metaverse

  • How can people can monetize their metaverse experience

  • Market timing and why right now is the best time to build

  • Leveraging the Metaverse as an actual tool rather than a buzzword

Alessandro Capezza, from our Team, joined Metapoly to discuss how to analyze the Metaverse.

We're always looking at how we can improve our metaverse offering to the brands we work with, which is why we want to introduce our Measurements and Insights tool. With our technology, we can now measure various metrics for our experiences within Decentraland

This tool allows you to analyze:

  • Number of players

  • Number of sessions

  • Dwell time

  • Number of visitors by time of day

  • Connection type

This is just one step on our mission to accelerate the Metaverse economy as we continue to expand our tech.

That's all for this week, but make sure to check in next week to see what LandVault has been up to!

You can also keep an eye on our socials by clicking the links in our footer 👇

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