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World of Women: Galaxy is LIVE in The Sandbox

Callum Moates ⋅

LandVault is excited to announce our collaboration with World of Women (WOW) for the construction and release of the WoW Galaxy experience built in The Sandbox for Alpha Season 3.

World of Women is a community working towards building an inclusive Web3 by promoting increased diversity in the NFT space, educating and onboarding the next generation of creators and builders, and creating equal opportunities for everyone. 

World of Women's first NFT collection featuring 10,000 PFPs showcasing powerful women from various backgrounds took the world by storm and was widely promoted around the world, including celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Liam Payne and Shonda Rhimes. At the time of this writing, World Of Women is a Top20 collection on Open Sea by All-time Total Volume.

WOW's second collection, WOW Galaxy, with 21,000 items, is what our new build is celebrating. The WOW community aims to highlight representation, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for all and participates in philanthropic initiatives, such as supporting women’s rights globally.

The World of Women community proves that together we can positively impact the future, through creativity and inspiring art, but also through action. By releasing this experience into the Metaverse, we hope to engage with our community in new ways, and to spread our message of positivity and equality, showing that people from all walks of life, shapes and sizes are welcome in web3. We're thrilled with the outcome from this collaboration with LandVault" - said Yam Karkai, founder of WOW.

The build itself went live on October 13th after several months of planning and construction and takes place in outer space (hence the name Galaxy). It transports users to an experience where the galaxy was overtaken by a power that players have to challenge and overcome.

Players must solve various puzzles to advance within the game. A major component of how the game works involves a portal system in which players must explore and navigate to move forward within the experience in The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 3.

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Sam Huber, Landvault's CEO shared his excitement: "Building experiences for flagship Web3 projects with a strong mission and even stronger community like World of Women is a source of pride and joy. We know that the acceleration of the metaverse economy depends on building experiences that click with its native audiences and this is exactly what we have achieved with the WOW Galaxy experience. I'd like to invite the entire Web3 community to enjoy this experience on Sandbox, as much as our team has enjoyed building it with the World of Women team." 

Find the WOW Galaxy experience in The Sandbox:

The plot within The Sandbox is located at the coordinates of 2, -2 and will be live until the end of Alpha Season 3. You can also access it directly from this link.

About World of Women:

A community celebrating representation, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for all. United by a first-of-its-kind collection, showcasing artworks of diverse and powerful women, where all types of women can see themselves in these avatars. 

Website | Discord | Twitter | OpenSea (WOW) | OpenSea (Galaxy)

About Landvault:

LandVault is the largest real estate developer in the metaverse. With a team of over 120 architects, designers and builders, Landvault has built over 100 million square feet of metaverse real estate and 200+ experiences across platforms like Sandbox and Decentraland, for brands like Mastercard, L’Oreal, Heineken, as well as Web3 projects like World of Women, MAYC and many others. With each build, LandVault completes another step towards a more prosperous, inclusive, and equitable Open Metaverse economy and internet.

Website | Discord | Twitter | LinkedIn

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