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Matera Protocol partners with Lighthouse to improve accessibility to the Open Metaverse

Matera Protocol has formed an ecosystem partnership with Lighthouse, a platform that is accelerating adoption of the Open Metaverse by simplifying access to it, making discovering experiences much easier.

Lighthouse is a navigation engine that indexes thousands of experiences from virtual worlds and empowers users to search for places and friends from one unified portal. The company also enables users to find one another inside these worlds in near real-time via its browser extension

By creating this partnership, both Matera and Lighthouse can simultaneously align their objectives of improving the process of connecting users and creators, making experiences not only easier to build but easier to find.

Jonathan Brun, co-founder and CEO of Lighthouse, shared his enthusiasm for this partnership: "Matera is a much-needed step forward for the entire space. By tokenizing metaverse experiences and bringing rich metadata such as ownership, keywords and location on chain, Matera opens the gate to a much deeper level of transparency across the industry. In the context of search and navigation, this data will enable Lighthouse to broaden the universe of experiences it indexes, create more sophisticated classification and recommendation systems, and ultimately help explorers find experiences that really matter to them. We are thrilled to join innovative leaders such LandVault and Matera as partners and look forward to continuing building the open metaverse alongside them."

Jonathan Brun, CEO at Lighthouse and Justine Massicotte, CTO at Lighthouse

While LandVault has been manually developing the Open Metaverse, Matera Protocol will enable LandVault to accelerate this development process exponentially by connecting stakeholders and creating a new on-chain asset class in tokenized metaverse experiences. Thanks to this partnership, navigating across metaverse platforms and metaverse experiences will be frictionless and efficient.

Lighthouse, by partnering with Matera, will become a seamless gateway for users to leverage, forming bridges between worlds regardless of the ecosystem. In many ways, this creates a far more interoperable Open Metaverse and helps to accomplish the vision of an experience-centric web.

Head of Ecosystem Partnerships at Matera, Alessandro Capezza explained: "Matera will allow Lighthouse to offer a richer search experience to users, which is a critical piece in bringing mainstream adoption to the entire space. We are proud to have Lighthouse, one of the most exciting project in the space, as a partner and look forward to building the Open Metaverse together."

About Lighthouse

Lighthouse is building the open metaverse navigation engine, a unified interface empowering users to search for places, events, friends, creators, and experiences across and within virtual worlds. The Lighthouse portal currently indexes experiences from more than 20 leading virtual worlds, including ecosystems such as Hyperfy, Mona, Oncyber, Portals, Spatial, The Sandbox, and many others.

Website | Discord | Twitter | LinkedIn

About Matera

Matera is an open protocol that enables the tokenization of metaverse experiences. Through this technology, people and companies can come together, co-create, tokenize and trade experiences and ventures in the Open Metaverse.

Website | Discord | Twitter | LinkedIn

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