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LandVault - The Largest Builder in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a digital space of growing importance for the world. Centered at the combination of two technological revolutions, blockchain and gaming, the Open Metaverse is anticipated to become an alternative online destination that enables global commerce, human coordination and connection on an unprecedented scale.

In 2022, developing the Open Metaverse has its own challenges. Generally, building applications i.e. experiences for users within platforms like The Sandbox requires a bundle of different resources and skill sets to successfully accomplish. With many brands and businesses pushing to enter this new Open Metaverse space, solutions were required that could offer everything needed to create a metaverse experience without the hassle of navigating the steep learning curve of the Open Metaverse and web3.

Enter LandVault - the world’s largest metaverse LAND developer and builder. LandVault is leading the world into the next iteration of the internet, offering brands, companies, and businesses an aggregated building solution with which to enter the metaverse.

What LandVault Does 

Constructing the Open Metaverse and corresponding economy is ultimately no different than traditional economies as the same inputs are required. In practice, building metaverse experiences requires the following four inputs:

  • Ideas / Entrepreneurship - individuals coming up with ideas and projects to build

  • Labor - skills and time contributed by Creators required to build the project

  • Capital - source of funding for the project

  • LAND - where the project takes place in the metaverse

With these four elements, a metaverse-based project i.e. experience can be constructed and monetized. This is what LandVault provides to brands. LandVault currently has 120+ in-house builders that carry specialized skills to build out professional experiences within the open metaverse across different platforms. This covers the labor aspect of the process. Additionally, LandVault also owns ~150 of land throughout platforms like The Sandbox, Decentraland, Somnium Space, NFT Worlds. Thus, if brands lack the ability to acquire land, LandVault can also provide that input.

The ideas and capital for the project generally come from the brands themselves. In-house creators within LandVault can help plan and execute the design ideas for experiences while the brands provide the upfront capital for the build to be completed.

Utilizing these inputs, LandVault has been able to help some of the world’s largest brands onboard into the open metaverse. This includes the likes of giants like MasterCard and Heineken. LandVault has managed to grow to be the world’s largest open metaverse builder, helping to construct over 100 million sq.ft in the open metaverse as of 2022, spanning across 200 completed builds since 2018.

LandVault’s Vision & Mission 

LandVault views the Open Metaverse as a unique opportunity to truly introduce positive innovation into the world, revolutionizing the internet into a more equitable, accessible medium for all. This is LandVault’s vision - to develop a more equitable internet. By accelerating the development of the Open Metaverse economy, LandVault believes that an equitable, novel version of the internet can be realized.

The benefits of accomplishing such a task are monumental. Ultimately, it turns all stakeholders of the internet into potential owners and contributors. This includes all entities from creators to consumers. For the Open Metaverse, all of this value accrual is expected to pool at the application layer - the top layer of the Open Metaverse where applications i.e. metaverse experiences are constructed. This is precisely why LandVault has positioned itself as the world’s largest and most effective builder in the metaverse.

Every build that LandVault completes is another step towards a more prosperous, inclusive, and equitable Open Metaverse economy and internet.

Want us to help you on your Metaverse mission? Reach out to us here.

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