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LandVault and Heroez partner to reinvent metaverse esports

Martin Petkov ⋅

Metaverse builder, LandVault, and Heroez, a decentralized esports DAO, have partnered to reinvent esports inside the metaverse. Together the partnership aims to reshape the esports viewing experience while developing storytelling and optimising community engagement.

This comes after Heroez launched a collection of 500 robot companion NFTs in September 2022, which empowered fans to govern a professional esports team. The DAO selected Apex Legends as its game of choice to compete at the highest level in the Pro League. Now, Heroez aims to transform the viewership experience by creating a unique gaming environment that tells the story of these robotic companions.

Building upon its Web3 roots, Heroez will become the first team in the world to develop its own RPG-style adventure video game, engaging the fans in a govern-to-earn mechanic. Beyond highlighting its content-based approach, the partnership also underscores the growing importance of the metaverse in the gaming industry. By combining the two sectors, Heroez creates a hybrid structure that plays on successful Web2  titles with a tech layer powered by blockchain technology.

"Esports teams are not only performance-focused but also need to become brands, with good storytelling to immerse and engage their fans. This can be achieved by engaging with the community across virtual worlds to shape new brand activations", said Loic Bompar, co-founder and esport director at Heroez.

"The metaverse is a key part of Heroez’s plan as our roots come from the decentralized Web3 world. Creating a virtual fan experience that is much more immersive than just a live-streaming channel makes a lot of sense. Welcoming LandVault into Heroez's community pays a testament to our commitment to content creation. By partnering with LandVault, Heroez will be able to organize tournaments and community activities that will help to build the brand and engage with fans", explained Rémy Bompar, CEO at Heroez and Strategy & Operations Manager at The Sandbox.

With a team of over 120 architects, designers, and developers, LandVault is a respected leader in the metaverse sphere. Formerly known as Admix, a gaming company pioneering product placement technology in games, LandVault has built over 100 million square feet of metaverse experiences across various platforms for brands such as Mastercard, L'Oreal, Heineken, Standard Chartered, and more. 

This is an exciting development for Web3 and gaming. It demonstrates how blockchain technology can empower fans and create new opportunities for community engagement - which was often not possible in the past.

“The most important thing in this collaboration is the alignment of our missions around accelerating an inclusive metaverse economy. Sponsoring Heroez's esports team to reach a like-minded and aligned audience furthers our goals of decentralization and re-distributed power. Being in sync on such a fundamental level allowed us to collaborate to ensure we were happy with the game mechanics, visual updates, lore and concepts. This experience will showcase both Heroez' vision and LandVault's expertise in The Sandbox,” said Samuel Huber, CEO of LandVault. 

With Heroez's unique approach to content-driven esports and LandVault's expertise in The Sandbox, this partnership can transform how users experience esports inside the metaverse.

About LandVault

LandVault is the largest metaverse builder with over 100 million square feet of virtual real estate, more than 120 full-time creators, and nearly 300 completed projects. We’ve been helping brands build and grow in gaming environments since 2017 and the metaverse since 2021.  

LandVault’s platform-agnostic proprietary technology and creative powerhouse builds and delivers tailored, data-driven, and optimized business solutions and insights. We help clients launch, optimize, and monetize metaverse experiences. 

LandVault’s mission is to accelerate the metaverse economy through technology with a vision of a fairer wealth distribution across the web.

Get in Touch | Website | Discord | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube

About Heroez

Heroez is the first esport club governed by its community. Heroez is a new concept in the esport industry where fans are at the forefront of every team’s strategic decision (choice of the sponsors, the game to be addressed, design of the merch, marketing orientation). Heroez’s vision is threefold:  

1. We’re changing the way fanship is apprehended and lived, 

2. We’re developing a leading new form of esport club, and a brand

3. We’re using technology to innovate in the esports industry.

Website | Discord | Twitter | Open Sea | Telegram | Twitch | Instagram

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