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Introducing the LandVault Platform: A new way to navigate the Metaverse

Navigating the Open Metaverse as a user, brand, or land owner just got significantly easier. 

We are thrilled to introduce the LandVault Platform: a set of tools that represents the first steps toward our metaverse technology stack.

This will be the initial V1 release of the platform, but we already have multiple future features, updates, and tools planned for coming releases. As of this announcement, the V1 version of our platform will be launching with support for The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Somnium. Support for NFT Worlds and Otherside will be coming soon.

The LandVault Platform allows us to take the initiative to push the Open Metaverse from its build phase into the acceleration phase of our developmental framework.

The metaverse is already a vast digital space. Just between some of the top virtual world platforms, there are already hundreds of thousands of virtual land parcels - the equivalent to a real world real-estate market in the metaverse.

The introduction of the LandVault Platform will enable brands and virtual land owners to explore the Open Metaverse like never before, allowing the groups to:

  • Explore metaverse virtual worlds via a single source

  • Allow participants to more easily find metaverse investment opportunities

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LandVault Platform Walkthrough

V1 Platform Features

The LandVault Platform itself will be a one stop destination that provides users with the ability to:

  • Track market analytics per metaverse project such as the number of lands for sale, average price, sales volume, etc.

  • Navigate the map of supported virtual world platforms to find the best locations

  • Filter options via price, name, and size

This means any current or interested market participants can check valuations based on location real time. Users of the LandVault Platform will be able to see trends, total volume, and other metrics necessary for keeping tabs on the virtual land market.

As just searching for lands or navigating around virtual worlds can be time consuming, we are also happy to introduce Hot Lands. Hot Lands is a recommendations feature that shows underpriced land offers across metaverse projects. This assists investors in finding the best potential lands in terms of estimated return on investment.

Hot Lands Functionality

This is made possible by an in-house machine learning algorithm called Feature Foundation. Feature Foundation calculates ‘fair’ estimated price for lands based on a set of criteria, like location and price distribution.

For generic searches, the Metaverse Discovery tool assists brands in physically locating lands within the virtual land platforms. This also includes the ability for brands and businesses to search for lands that LandVault owns, giving brands the option of bypassing virtual land purchases and renting land out for activations and metaverse-related events.

The LandVault Platform will assist us in our mission of accelerating the Open Metaverse Economy, providing the world’s first metaverse technology stack that all market participants can take advantage of.

Be sure to check out the LandVault platform here.

As only a V1, it is again important to emphasize that the features and tools covered in this announcement represents only a partial amount of what is being built on top of the platform, with additional features, updates, and tools already entering development for future releases.

In addition to the platform’s own development, LandVault is also working on a significant project that will further add to our metaverse technology stack. This project will come with its own big announcement soon and be a substantial part in helping LandVault move from accelerating development to scaling the Open Metaverse to millions of users in the future.

More details on these developments will be made available in the very near future!

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