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Matera Protocol and DappRadar form partnership to improve tracking of metaverse experiences

Callum Moates ⋅

We’re pleased to announce that Matera Protocol has created a joint partnership with DappRadar, the World’s Dapp Store for NFT, DeFi and blockchain games discovery. This partnership will allow LandVault to connect Matera Protocol with high quality, accurate insights relating to decentralized applications while DappRadar will gain access to the novel abilities of Matera, including the ability to co-create and trade a novel asset class in tokenized experiences.

DappRadar is the world’s leading destination for global consumers discovering available decentralized applications (dapps) and managing their respective DeFi, crypto, and/or NFT portfolios via highly detailed data. DappRadar receives over 500 thousand unique visitors every single month, while also powering leading industry leaders with its clean data. Within the blockchain industry DappRadar has the status of a pioneering platform, pushing the industry forward. They make blockchain data insightful through the platform itself, and through monthly, quarterly and yearly industry reports. In the past 5 years DappRadar has become a trusted authority for insights on the multichain dapp market.

Following the announcement of Matera, tokenized metaverse experiences will be an entirely new asset class, representing the majority of the creation, transfer, and storage of value within the metaverse. DappRadar becoming a strategic Matera partner means the organization will be able to become the world’s top destination for tracking this new asset class, just as users can do on the platform with DeFi and NFTs today.

“The DappRadar and Matera partnership is an exciting collaboration that promises to bring enriched insights to the metaverse narrative. Combining DappRadar's on-chain analytics with Matera's industry expertise will help us to better assess the rapidly evolving Web3 metaverse economy.” - Pedro Herrera, Head of Research & Analytics at DappRadar

Since 2018, LandVault has managed to establish itself as the global leader in developing the metaverse, building over 200 metaverse experiences. Through this workflow, LandVault has created a vast network of brands and businesses that includes several Fortune 500 companies. By partnering with Matera, DappRadar will also gain access to this robust network and help it scale its own platform development to include some of the largest brands on the globe via the accelerating development of metaverse experiences.

"This collaboration is a great step for Web3: analytics for the metaverse is a game changer we look forward to work together with the team at DappRadar, bringing immense value to the Matera platform and onboarding the next million of people in the metaverse." - Alessandro Capezza, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships at Matera.

About DappRadar

DappRadar is the biggest Web3 dapp distribution platform, we are The World's Dapp Store. One million users per month use DappRadar to discover new dapps, gain insights into DeFi and NFT collections, or to learn more about GameFi and play-to-earn gaming. Established in 2018, DappRadar has now become a prominent discovery platform in the Web3 industry, providing insights to investors, journalists, researchers, media and of course consumers. 

Website | Discord | Twitter | LinkedIn | Youtube | Telegram

About Matera

Matera is an open protocol by LandVault that enables the tokenization of metaverse experiences. Through this technology, people and companies can come together, co-create, tokenize and trade experiences and ventures in the Open Metaverse.

Website | Discord | Twitter | LinkedIn

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