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6 Top Metaverse Use Cases

Aug 16, 2023

Callum Moates

The metaverse, or as we like to call it, the 3D internet, has the potential to change the majority of industries across the globe for the better. Virtual and immersive experiences built upon gaming technologies like Unity and Unreal Engine will allow for better collaboration, deeper connections, and more immersion. From marketing to urban development, this blog will run through the top 6 industries the metaverse will improve.

  1. Marketing

The immersive capabilities of the metaverse will allow brands to create next-level marketing campaigns, engage with their audience like never before, and build communities. Here are 4 reasons why the metaverse will be used for marketing:

  • Build the second best thing to reality: With technologies like Unity and Unreal, the metaverse offers brands the next best thing from reality. Experiences can be built so potential consumers can interact with products and services.

  • Increase customer loyalty: Immersive experiences add value and connection for customers, increasing their likelihood of staying loyal to a brand and improving customer advocacy.

  • Showcase value: The metaverse allows brands to stand out in a crowded market by building deeper connections with consumers. Immersive experiences emphasize the brands’ value through visuals, interactivity, and a compelling story.

  • Drive real engagement: Brands can drive real engagement through the metaverse. Instead of consumers landing on a website for 30 seconds, they will be able to jump into a virtual experience that tells a story.

  1. Events

Similar to marketing, the metaverse allows brands and organizations to host events that are happening in the real world as a digital twin in the virtual world. Events in the metaverse enable:

  • Global presence: The metaverse breaks down geographical barriers. Individuals from all around the world can partake in an event from the comfort of their own homes.

  • Next-level immersion: As we mentioned before, it’s the next best thing to reality. If the target audience can’t make an event in person, it’s much better than a 2D event!

  • Cost-effective: Through data and analytics, events can be scaled up or down depending on the organizer's needs. This just isn’t possible in the real world.

  • Easily measure ROI: The Landvault Platform allows the event organizer to easily measure analytics of the event including dwell time, hotspots, daily and hourly engagements, and much more.

  1. Real estate

An industry that’s traditionally rooted in physicality. The metaverse is poised to take the real estate sector by storm. Virtual showrooms, digital twin technology (DTT), and sustainable solutions all make the metaverse an area of innovation for real estate. Here are 4 reasons to showcase real estate in the metaverse.

  • Showcase through DTT: Digital twins act as a virtual representation of real-world assets such as buildings. Through DTT, users can visualize the final state of a property before it has even been built. This can improve all stages of property development, from architecture to marketing.

  • Staging virtual properties: In the real world, staging properties for potential buyers can be expensive. With the metaverse, properties can be staged within a few clicks to the liking of any potential buyer.

  • Breaking geographical barriers: If potential buyers are in another country or city from the property they want to view, this is no longer an issue with the metaverse. Estate agents can reach buyers they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to with the metaverse.

  • Greener solution: Virtual property tours reduce the need for physical travel which can help reduce carbon emissions and cut down the impact on the environment.

  1. Urban Development

The metaverse is a powerful tool for government bodies and urban planners to enhance urban development operations. Whether it’s showcasing urban properties or bettering public services, here are 4 reasons the metaverse should be used for urban development.

  • Promote tourism and heritage: Governments are able to leverage the metaverse to showcase their country's and city’s heritage, landmarks, and tourist attractions.

  • Smart Cities 2.0: Urban planners and governments are able to use the metaverse by enabling virtual access to services, digital twins of cities, and building virtual replicas of city infrastructure to visualize projects better.

  • Enhance public services: The metaverse will allow governments to create virtual experiences to deliver public services and information to citizens 24/7 without the need for office hours.

  • Data visualization: 3D and immersive environments can improve collaboration through data visualization. Government policymakers and urban planners can benefit from 3D representations and virtual dashboards of data.

  1. Web3 Projects

We have experience building across a plethora of web3 metaverse platforms such as The Sandbox and Decentraland and we understand how these platforms can benefit web3 projects. 

  • Build on the story: As a web3 project, lore is at the heart of the community. It’s what brings the community to projects in the first place. A web3 project with a metaverse experience will enable their community to engage with the story in an immersive way.

  • Drive real engagement: Just like with web2 brands using the metaverse for marketing, the same benefit goes for web3 projects. The metaverse allows users to engage with web3 brands in a much deeper way than just landing on a website.

  • Create utility: Tokens or NFTs actually come to life in the metaverse and deliver real utility for users in a variety of ways. This can range from wearables to quest rewards.

  • Grow the brand: The metaverse allows web3 projects to stand out in a crowded space by building deeper connections with the community. The immersive experiences emphasize the brand story through visuals and interactivity.

  1. Financial Services

Last but certainly not least, the metaverse can be utilized to boost engagement and transactions for financial institutions.

  • Increase customer engagement: The metaverse allows financial institutions to create virtual branches or spaces where customers can interact with gamified scenarios, virtual representatives, and even reward systems.

  • Showcase financial innovation: By having a presence in this new space, financial institutions can gain a first-mover advantage and show their willingness to embrace emerging technologies. This is key to attracting new customers and investors.

  • Training and onboarding: The metaverse allows the use of AI tools and bots to train finance teams about complex financial concepts as well as measure results internally.

  • Talent acquisition: Financial institutions can use immersive experiences to gamify the recruitment process and attract new talent.


It’s clear that the metaverse will be a game-changer for many industries all over the world. Virtual and immersive experiences will allow brands, organizations, governments, and individuals to interact like never before as we see the 3D internet start to take shape.

Are you looking to create metaverse experiences for any of the above use cases? Get in touch with us today.

Aug 16, 2023

Callum Moates

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We build infrastructure for the 3D internet,
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We build infrastructure for the 3D internet,
to create a richer, fairer internet.

Copyright ©️ 2023 · Landvault · Wam Group · All rights reserved


We build infrastructure for the 3D internet,
to create a richer, fairer internet.

Copyright ©️ 2023 · Landvault · Wam Group · All rights reserved