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We build businesses in
the metaverse

We provide an end to end solution for anyone who wants to enter the metaverse. From land rental to build and monetization, we turn metaverse experiences into profit centers.


Browse land via our Discovery tool, find the ultimate location to host your project, and buy or rent from us for the duration that you need.

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We are the largest metaverse builders with over 120 artists, architects and game developers. With 190 builds under our belt, if you can think it, we can build it.

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Leverage our proprietary technology and data capabilities to promote your experience, monetize your assets and grow your business in the metaverse.

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You’re in good hands

Your end-to-end metaverse solution

More than just builders, we have you covered from land rentals to project management, business measurements and insights.

120+ in-house builders

We are the largest and fastest growing metaverse building team in the world

Building since 2017

We have been developing tools for virtual worlds before the metaverse was a thing

Rapid build time

With parallel working, nobody can bring your ideas to life faster than we can!

Earn on your land

Open your land up to further brands and experiences using our monetization tool

Proprietary technology

We build unique tools and data capabilities to accelerate businesses in the metaverse

First land concierge

Discover your perfect location, and buy or rent land from us in a matter of minutes

Metaverse is the limit

Unlimited possibilities to build engagement


Sell your products in the metaverse, digital or physical


Educate your audience using engaging gaming mechanics


Invite your crowd and host virtual events in the metaverse


Build mini-games or quests that reward your players


Develop virtual real estate for collectors or to rent to others


Host live, 3D concerts or festivals in the metaverse


Gamify workouts by building fun virtual experiences


Showcase your products and services in an interactive way

Some of our latest builds

We are passionate about building businesses in the metaverse. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

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business in the metaverse?

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